Submit gene groups and start prediction

Please input the gene lists and select the parameters for the algorithm. Upon submission, the algorithm determines the significantly overrepresented high-affinity binding sites in the promoters of the submitted genes. This may take a few minutes, so please be patient.

Main organism (set of studied genes):
human chimpanzee orangutan gorilla macaque mouse rat horse chicken

Gene IDs of regulated genes:
Gene IDs of unregulated (or all) genes
(empty list takes all known genes):

or a file with regulated-gene IDs:
or a file with unregulated-gene IDs:

Conservation (phylogenetic analysis)
no conservation considered
strong affinitify in orthologues of both organisms (min. affinity ranked)
average affinity in orthologues of both organisms

Conservation organism (considered are only genes with 1-1 orthologs in):
human chimpanzee orangutan gorilla macaque mouse rat horse chicken

Promoter set:
300 upstream ... 100 downstream of TSS (400nt, short putative promoters)
800 upstream ... 200 downstream of TSS (1000nt, long putative promoters)
[control set] 700 upstream ... 300 upstream of TSS (400nt, upstream of the 400nt short putative promoters)

Number of genes with the highest predicted factor affinities to take:
50 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000

Matrices representing the factors:
TRANSFAC highest info. content for each factor (version 2009.4, 213 matrices)
TRANSFAC all vertebrate (version 2009.4, 673 matrices)
JASPAR CORE non-redundant vertebrates (version 2009, 130 matrices)